Including 3 Solo Exhibition

Date : 03 September - 27 September 2014
Location: People's Gallery P1-P3, 2nd floor

By Kanjana Chonsiri, Nattapat Dissorn and Waranyou Changpradit
Openning on Thursday 4 September 2014 at 18.00 hrs.

“This exhibition Arising from the integration of students in the Master, the trio was also significant to publish their work course. And the implications thereof Environment is to communicate the story of these three artists. Live view from the inside of the mind. Inspired to find in everyday life. Whether natural, social, or even faith. Filter and transform the perception of identity through language and solo exhibitions. Possession of the artist "
Exhibition Name: Life in Nature
Artist : / Kanjana Chonsiri
The inspiration for my work is rooted in an internal visualization of this energy, I believe that what we feel as real internally prevails in significance over what we perceive as real externally. I strive to create works celebrating a combined aesthetic; drawing equally upon the images I see around me and the images conjured up by the mind.   
Technique: Mix painting /Drawing on White Clay Filler 
Exhibition Name : / Human Wishes Global To Be Heaven, Why Heaven Be Afraid Thing?
Artist : Nattapat   Dissorn
“Good” is value that never measure’ but good always have compared with  better , better have compared with the best . like this situation you want stay in calm and you think that pray is good for you but some  tell you that deriberation more good than pray. It may good for you not  everyone up to context around you like opportunity and place. So good is good.
Technique: Mixed Painting on wood, Ready Made, Installation
Exhiition Name : Maiden Land
Artist :  Waranyou Changpradit
"Buddha way of life lead me and helped me to creat a new world without any misery and sadness,my world keep me safe with pure thinking without rules of gravity,a peaceful life and great kindness,my world bring me close to buddha teaching way of life."
Technique :  Mixed Painting on Papermache, Installation 





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