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bacc exhibition 789

An Incubating Project for Young Artists

Organised by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
1 December 2017 - 11 March 2018
Main Gallery, 7th floor

Opening on Thursday 30 November 2017 at 18.30 hrs.


The Exhibition Department of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) presents the Early Years Project - An Incubating Project for Young Artists to take solid steps in producing creative works and establish sustainable developments.

This year, the Early Years Project #2 has continued its mission and called for a new round of submissions and selected ten qualified artists to join the Project during 30 November 2017 - 11 March 2018, after which they will receive fundings to create and present their works as well as processes on the 7th Floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Aside from the creating process, the artists will take part in Critic Session and Mentoring Aid conducted by established artists, curators, and scholars from art and different fields to gain insights to develop their artworks and participate in Silpyupen operated by Tentacles held during said period to build upon their knowledge and expertise as fledging artists. 

At the final stage of theproject, the Judging Committee will select two outstanding artworks to receive two grants for International Artist Residency and Mobility Funding to expose the artists and the artworks to the international arena at the end of the project in March 2018.

Artists: Kanich Khajohnsri, Jarasporn Chumsri, Chanon Dechasophon, Tanaphon Inthong, Yingyod Yenarkarn, Rungruang Sittirerk, Waret Khunacharoensap, Saroot Supasuthivech,Suhaidee Sata and Alisa Chunchue

For more information, please contact: BACC Exhibition Dept. Tel. 02 214 6630 - 8 ext. 531 Email: earlyyearsproject@gmail.com

An Incubating Project for Young Artists

Organised by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Operated by Tentacles 

"SILPYUPEN" is an educational activity under the "Early Years Project"; an initiative to foster next generation's artistic talents organised by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and operated by Tentacles. The program aims to support young artists with knowledge on art industry as well as the structure related to the career path. Artists will learn a shifting face of art in different era and understand how to embrace changes, social trends or link their ideas to other specific areas as today’s artists need to adjust themselves, improve their potential and find a new way of work in order to survive and grow in this career.

"Silpyupen" also aims to test new artists on their readiness to "pai" or "move on" in this creative industry. The speakers will share their knowledge on career preparation, information gathering and ideas on taxation, credit building and access to social welfare. The new artists will have a clearer picture of career path or at least understand how to "yu" or “survive” in both Thai and international art scene.

For more information, please contact Tentacles 
Tel. 061 941 6555, 089 744 3772, 082 487- 1487
Email : info@tentaclesgallery.com  silpyupen
www.tentaclesgallery.com  TentaclesInc

bacc exhibition 789

"Earth-Water- Forest-Air" 
The Royal Inspiration 

Organised by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre 
10 August - 12 November 2017 
Main Gallery, 7th floor

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is organising an exhibition 'EARTH- WATER- FOREST- AIR', between August-November 2017, as part of its year long programme to commemorate the passing of the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the Kingdom of Thailand's ninth king. In particular, this exhibition will focus on his legacy concerning the realm's sustainability practice and environmentalconcern in view of the livelihood of the people of Thailand in all diversity.

The content of the exhibition will be presented by the works of artists, photographers, designers, architects, making up the creative practitioners who are responsible from conveying influential social messages, to those making contributions to the design and building programmes. Their works reflect the fact that the sustainability issue is not just confined to the physical and scientific world, but has as much to do with the social awareness, perception and cultural understanding.

It's hoped that the sustainability legacy of King Bhumibol Adulyadej will provide inspiration for the young generation and serve as a rallying point for all who are committed to the cause of environmental sustainability. 

Curated by Chatvichai Promadhattavedi, Amarit Chusuwan and Apisak Sonjod, "EARTH- WATER- FOREST- AIR" exhibition will be on display August 10 to November 12, 2017, on the 7th Floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

In Remembrance of the Great King
Organised by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre 
29 August - 26 November 2017 
Main Gallery, 8th floor

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is pleased to invite you to the "Remembrance of the Great King" exhibition, which is organized as part of the "In Remembrance of H.M. King Bhumibol: The Supreme Artist" project conceived in recognition of the late king’s remarkable artistic talent and of his royal grace as a Thai art patron. 

"Remembrance of the Great King" will feature more than 160 rare artworks of different mediums by leading Thai artists of various generations as well as precious collectibles related to King Rama IX, such as: 

A portrait painting titled King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 2016 - 2017 by Thongchai Srisukprasert (acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, 200 x 160 cm), or; 

A print titled The Great King No. 8, 2013 by Pinit Phantaprawat, an artist responsible for engraving King Rama IX’s portraits for banknote production(engraving and etching, 34 x 27.5 cm). 

The exhibition has brought togetherrarely seen photographs of King Bhumibol for a special show. For many pictures, the names of the photographers are unknown, or the date and place cannot be identified. 

Curated by Prof. Dr. Apinan Poshyananda, Tawatchai Somkong and Sakchai Guy, the "Remembrance of the Great King" exhibition will be on display August 29 to November 26, 2017, on the 8th Floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

main exhibition

Through the Lens of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej
Organised by The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand 
and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
2 September 2017 - 7 January 2018 
Main Gallery, 9th floor

"Through the Lens of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej" Exhibition The exhibition that Thais can't afford to miss 

The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre are pleased to invite you to "Through the Lens of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej" Exhibition. The exhibition is a part of the “In Remembrance of HM King Bhumibol: The Supreme Artist" project conceived in recognition of the late king's remarkable artistic talent and of his royal grace as a Thai art patron.

Curated by Nitikorn Kraivixian, parts of the 200 photographs by the late king have never been exhibited before. The exhibition will be divided into three periods of his lifetime. Fist, the beginning of the reign is a collection of black-and-white photographs featuring Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and the prince and princesses from the days of their birth. Second, the middle of the reign features moments in which the late king was working at various places and for different projects regarding agriculture, irrigation, rural development, and royal development projects initiated by HM the late king. In the third part will be a collection featuring photographs of HM the late king staying at Klai Kangwon Palace, landscapes, as well as his pet dogs. 

"Through the Lens of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej" Exhibition will be held at the main exhibition on the 9th floor of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre from September 2, 2017 to January 7, 2018.

special project

The Portrait of the King Bhumibol Adulyadej

The portrait of the late King Bhumibol is another part of the project "In Remembrance of H.M. King Bhumibol : The Supreme Artist" organized by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre Foundation and curated by Prof. Dr. Apinan Poshayananda, a member of the BACC Foundation Board, in order to pay tribute to the Supreme Artist, the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The portrait, on the wall of the BACC facing Rama I Road, was designed to refer back with the graffiti works on the BACC centre wall facing the Patumwan intersection, in which the five graffiti characters offer gestures of reverence to the late king. 

The portrait, measuring 34 metres by 25 metres or 850 sqm., was made with the wheat- pasting technique with the collaboration between a group of street artists, and art students from five art institutions : King Mongkut Institute of Technology Lat Krabang, Poh Chang Academy of Arts, Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin, Chang Silp(College of Fine Arts), Silpakorn University and Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. The students had earlier made the portrait out of 39 panels before they were put up on the wall. This is the world’s largest portrait of the monarch by wheat-pasting technique. 

For more information 
Tel. 02 214 6630 ext. 501  น้อมรำลึก องค์อัครศิลปิน

people's gallery

By Mantana Apidet and Sarun Cheurkrung
3 - 26 November 2017
People’s Gallery P1-P2, 2nd floor, artHUB@bacc

Opening on Saturday 11 November 2017 at 19.00 hrs. 

This exhibition displays how the two young artists who work in totally different styles, yet share similar viewpoints of the world. The Y-Generation is brought up with the new high technology. The fast and overwhelming information and news have affected their opinion about the world. The artists are simulated to create artworks by picking up given information mainly from movies, magazines and internet. These resources are turned into specific Y-Generation’s arts in forms of paintings, illustrations and videos.

By Sukanya Sornbun and Santi Seedarach
3 - 26 November 2017
People’s Gallery P3, 2nd floor, artHUB@bacc

Opening on Saturday 4 November 2017 at 18.00 hrs. 

"Wood-Wonder" is an art exhibition by two artists who share similar wooden assembly technique. The main materials are traditional materials using Thai traditional technique to produce free form wooden art pieces. The two artists aspire to explore and challenge the possibilities by combining the traditional techniques with their new techniques which are represented through the title of this exhibition, "Wood-Wonder".

arts network

Organised by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Thailand 
31 October - 12 November 2017 
Curved Wall, 3rd - 4th floor

The Embassy of Ukraine is pleased to invite you to the exhibition of one of the most prominent Ukrainian and world-famous painters. This exhibition is organised as a part of celebrations dedicated to the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Thailand.

Ivan Marchuk - the living legend of Ukrainian art and a genius of modern art, is the only Ukrainian artist recognised by International Academy of Modern Art who created thousands of colorful and monochrome works in his original technique “pliontanizm” (meaning to weave or to wattle). 

Ivan Marchuk’s collection is comprised of about 5,000 pieces of arts in twelve creative series, five of which will be presented at the exhibition.

The art exhibition of childern in Asia 2017
By Wheelchairs And Friendship Center of Asia (Thailand)
31 October - 5 November 2017
Hall, 1st floor

Everyone of us has different Abilities and disabilities. This exhibition aims to contribute as part of an international exchange program between studernts with disabilities at the special needs schools in Thailand and Japan who are vere Talented in drawing and paining pictures.

performing art

bacc performing arts

P.A.F. : Performative Art Festival # 6
By BACC Arts Activity Department
November - December 2017 
Studio, 4th floor

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in partnership with the Performing Artists’ Network proudly present Performative Art 
Festival # 6.

Performative Art Festival # 6 will take place in August - December 2017 at Studio, 4th floor at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

The year 2017 marks the sixth consecutive year that the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre has joined forces with the Performing Artists’ Network to present Performative Art Festival. This collaboration aims to promote performing arts as a bridge between artists and the public, as well as to encourage dialogue and the exchange of ideas between artists and audience.

This year’s festival will feature various types of performances from both local and international artists including live performances, Documentary Theatre, Devised Performance, dances and plays. Apart from performances, there will also be the artists’ talks and workshops on performing arts and dance. The highlights of this year’s festival include;

- Bangkok Theatre Festival 2017 : 2 - 19 November 2017 by Bangkok Theatre Network
- The International Dance Festival 2017 : 23 November - 3 December 2017 by Friends of the Arts Foundation 
- Something Missing : 12 - 17 December 2017 by B Floor & Theatre Momggol 

Performative Art Festival # 6 would like to thank the Performing Artists' Network namely; Arts on Location, Democrazy Theatre Studio, Anatta Theatre Troupe, B Floor, Asiatopia, Bangkok Theatre Network, Friends of the Arts Foundation and Theatre Momggol for their collaboration. Their efforts have helped turning Bangkok Art and Culture Centre into a creative open space where everyone can enjoy diverse performances and realise opportunities for dialogue and idea exchange.

More information will be updated on www.bacc.or.th l  baccpage 
For more information: Arts Activity Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre Tel. 02 214 6630-8 ext. 530


bacc cinema

CINEMA DIVERSE 2017: The Invisible Hands 
By BACC Arts Activity Department 
Saturday 25 November 2017 at 17.00 - 20.30 hrs. 
Auditorium, 5th floor 

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre proudly presents "Cinema Diverse 2017: The Invisible Hands" For the fifth Cinema Diverse, four international films, selected by four behind-the-scenes people in the film industry, will be shown bi-monthly from May - November 2017. After each screening there will be a post-screening talk and a Q&A session to discuss ideas and thoughts about the film. 

Compliance (USA / 2012)
Saturday 25 November 2017 at 17.00 - 20.30 hrs., at Auditorium 5th floor BACC 

Registration for each screening starts at 15.00 hrs. 
Entry fee is 60 Baht per person (with a free programme). 

*In English with Thai subtitles 
*The post-screening talk will be in Thai with English translation. 

For more information Tel. 02 214 6630 - 8 ext. 530

learning programme

Storytelling Activity for Kids "A Bunny Sells Carrots"
By Tamfun Group
Saturday 11 November 2017 at 11.00 - 12.30 hrs. 
Hall, L floor

Registration starts at 10.30 hrs. 
The activity starts at 11.00 hrs. 

Storytelling Activity for Kids "The Fallen Seeds"
By Tamfun Group
Saturday 25 November 2017 at 14.00 - 16.00 hrs.
Multi-function Room, 1st floor

Registration starts at 13.00 hrs. 
The activity starts at 14.00 hrs. 

The show is suitable for kids aged 3-10 years old.
Free entry. No reservation needed (with limited 80 craft kits)

For more information Tel. 02 214 6630-8 ext. 126, 127

bacc shop

Catalog Exhibition and Souvenir

bacc's Two major exhibitions "Earth Water Forest Air Exhibition" and "In Remembrance of the Great King" are publishing programs in Thai and English featuring all of the beautiful images from the exhibitions. A 16"x24" posture will also be available for purchase at our BACC Shop. 

For more information Tel.094 410 2024, 02 214 6630 - 8 ext. 304, 305
Line ID: baccshop
Email: baccshop@bacc.or.th
 baccshop l  baccshop


Gallery Coffee Drip
1st floor

Taste our selections of exotic coffee found on our journey around the world. Coffee making machines and tools are also available for purchase.

For more information
Tel.081 917 2131, 081 989 5244

Bookmoby Readers' Cafe‏
4th floor 

Bookmoby Readers’ Cafe is a bookstore for book lovers and those who are interested in the literary and publishing world. We specialise in Thai contemporary fiction, poetry, translations, classics, as well as non-fiction, history, sociology, philosophy, spirituality, picture books and travel essays; titles that may not be easy to find in the big chain bookstores. Our occasional talk sessions by authors have established us as the place to meet and share between readers and writers that is truly in the heart of a metropolis. 

For more information
Tel. 02 106 3671, 086 374 3464
www.kledthai.com  bookmoby

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