LOOP : Art Thesis Exhibition

Date : 20 March - 25 March 2018
Location: Hall, L floor
Visual Communication Design and Computer Generated Imagery Assumption University
Opening Day 23 March 2018, 18:00.

The infinity sign is a visual representation of a dynamic and continuous rhythm and flow of energy. It signifies the balance between life lessons, obstacles, experiences and growth that life never stops teaching. Also recognized as a figure eight, the loop symbolizes the passion, inspiration, knowledge, and life within the eight exhibitors.

The art thesis exhibition is a collaboration of eight students from two BFA programs at Assumption University. First, from the Department of Visual Communication Design works are comprised of corporate identity design, website design, campaign and advertising design, and digital illustration. And second, from the Department of Computer Generated Imagery works encompass two-dimensional animation with character and scene design as well as short film with visual effects and composition.

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Mobile 094 459 2649/098 556 5505
Facebook www.facebook.com/loop.thesis



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