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DRIFT A series of experimental sound project Project#2: TOOL

Date : 31 January 2015 - 01 February 2015
Location: Multi-function Room, 1st floor, Meeting Room 501, 5th floor and BACC common area

by BACC exhibition dept. in collaboration with SO::ON Dry FLOWER 

A experimental sound project presents the intensity and tension using 'Drift' as in motor racing technique where the driver intentionally oversteers while maintaining control, the concept is to propose psychological digressing in geography of sounds from one area to the next and explore its diverse aspects through technical and creative contents that involves crossing platforms and various disciplines of the artists. The focus is to allow the audience to understand sound as an art form and open up to incidents and situations to arrive at their new listening experience. With combination of solo performances, sound installations, improvising sessions, workshops and lectures, the project investigates unheard perceptions of sound through works by international / local sound artists via different formats under experimental approach. A series of experimental sound project will begin with the first project: DURATION.
Project #2: TOOL
Knowing and mastering tools is one of important factor for sound artist and musician to express their own work. Tools transmit idea into sound, transmit sound into materials and often reflect artist’s creative approach that could perform not only as an object but also as a concept. Some artists turn daily objects into sound devices, some interact with typical instruments in their unique manner, some approach their body as a tool turning movements into sound, opening up possibilities of what could be an instrument based on various purposes. As instruments evolve so is the listening experience. The concept of tools for this session is to perceive instrument as a discipline in its own right that the artists will explore its open-ended interpretation and exchange knowledge of tools as sound making with the audience.
Curators: Koichi Shimizu / Pichaya Aime Suphavanij
Sound Artists: FEN Far East Network (Otomo Yoshihide, Yuen Chee Wai, Yan Jun, Ryu Hankil WITH Sachiko M and dj sniff), Alan Courtis, Saowakorn Muangkruan, Thanart Rasanont, Tossaporn Tassana
Visual Artists: Taiki Sakpisit, Apichart Yimyong, Jiratchaya Pribwai
Installation Artist: Duck Unit
Saturday 31st of January 2015
Multi-function Room, 1st floor 
The relationship between image and sound is that of a complex exchange. Images are used to reinforce our emotional response to sound just as the sound can be used to intensify our understanding of the image. As the relationship between sound and image has been advanced with technology, but it is still the creative instinct and comprehension of the sound and visual artist in fusing the two that could progress the relationship further. Whether it is sound that leads the image or the image that commands the sound, from a point where one controls or let go of the other, the interchanging of both is equally important to the outcome.
16.30 hrs. Opening talk
17.00 hrs. Session 1  
17.20 hrs. Session 2 
17.40 hrs. Session 3 
18.00 hrs. Session 4 (Open Jam Session)
18.30 hrs. In Between Performance – Duck Unit Installation 
19.30 hrs. Solo set:  Alan Courtis
20.30 hrs. Full set: FEN (Far East Network)
Sun 1 Feb 2015

Workshop and Orchestration
Meeting Room 501, 5th floor 
A combination between workshop and live performance, TOOL AND SPACE open workshop is the format for interchanging knowledge and experience between the artists an audience. The artists will share the personal perspective and skills of their instruments through demonstrations and talks. 
13.00 hrs. Introduction / Curators and Artists, Yuen Chee Wai
14.00 hrs. Workshop1 / Yan Jun
14.45 hrs. Workshop2 / Ryu Hankil
15.30 hrs. Workshop3 / DJ Sniff
16.15 hrs. Workshop4 / Alan Courtis

Open Space
VOICE AS TOOL Performing
This vocal session will be a live performing of a vocalist form different field using practicing their voice as instrument not only individually but experimenting in voicing together in one orchestration. It is to exemplify the aptitude of the vocal both for differing and in harmonious within the selected space in the BACC.
17.00 hrs. Vocal session in an open space
The project by BACC exhibition dept. in collaboration with SO::ON Dry FLOWER as part of BACC Experimental Project.
For more information, please contact BACC exhibition dept.: exhibition@bacc.or.th SO::ON Dry FLOWER: eastablishrec@yahoo.com



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