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(-)1 : "The great artist of tomorrow will go underground" - Marcel Duchamp

Date : 13 December 2014 - 01 February 2015
Location: Main Gallery, 7th floor
Activities in the exhibition space for young artists
As part of a pilot project Y.A.N (Young Artist Network by BACC)
Opening 12 December 2014 at 19.00 hrs. (Register at 18.30 hrs.)

As part of the pilot project Young Artist Network (Y.A.N), the project “[-]1: ‘The great artist of tomorrow will go underground’ – Marcel Duchamp” is represented as an experimental activity in exhibition space raising structural questions to explore viewpoints of art and contemporary thinking. It also analyzes such points through process of experimenting, observing, discussing and studying phenomenon. The objective of the project is to conclude the results for informative analyzing to be gathered as fundamental ideas for projects to support young artists in the future.
Questioning our comprehension of young artists and their works happening on the realm of economic, social, political and cultural changes, the possibility of answers we will find within phenomenon of young artists connecting their arts to the public in different forms. The young generation responds to the influence handed down from a previous generation in the way that they depart from the traditional definition of art, embed and adjust their works under the fast-forwarding situations. The artworks and artists in the information age encourage us to consider and question a current discourse as well as cognitive instrument in order to arrive at our up-to- date interpretation and understanding. 
This experimental project is performed through hypothesis comprised of 4 main factors of art: 1) artwork production, 2) art space, 3) art audiences, 4) analytic thinking about social context and art criticism. All four factors are represented as activities organized in the exhibition space to include audiences’ participations in the mutual creation, mutual perception and mutual study of art, existing in the value shared between artists and people in general. 
“[-]1: ‘The great artist of tomorrow will go underground’ – Marcel Duchamp” presents the standpoint of the ‘underground’, regresses to fundamental points, raises open-ended questions on young art and young artists and explores the discourse from the core of the creation through ground of understanding in different contexts. The further mind frame of the project is to strengthen artists’ critical thinking, nourish their wills in creating art and support their practicality developed to surpass multi-dimensional limitations to construct deep values considered as the driving force of the age. 
Pichaya Suphavanij
Artists , Art critic and Writer for core activities
Judha Suwanmongkol
Henry Tran
Atikom Mukdaprakorn
Money Faketory
Supporting Content for Discourse and Theory
The Reading Room
Supporting Content for General Contextual Platform
Narongsak Nilkate
Pongkamom Wong-ubol
The project initiated and operated by BACC Exhibition Dept, 
for more information please contact exhibition@bacc.or.th




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