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Experimental Video Art Exhibition, Thai-European Friendship 2004-2014 (EVA project) [extend showing period]

Date : 17 July 2014 - 28 September 2014
Location: Main Gallery, 7th floor

by BACC Exhibition Department and Komson Nookiew
Opening ceremony 17 July 2014

The Experimental Video Art Exhibition is an annual presentation of new video art from Thailand and Europe, which started in 2004. The exhibition focuses on artistic video practices to reveal new media’s important position and versatile use in contemporary art that differs from traditional art media such as painting, sculpture, and print making. Video art uses new technology, computer calculation and engineering practices for artistic expression and generates results in close proximity to our increasingly technological living environments. In Thailand video art and its emphasis on technology has not been widely presented, yet.
The Experimental Video Art Exhibition Thai-¬‐European Friendship installment of this video art series intended to show current styles and modes of video practices in Thailand will be featured from nine participating universities such as Bunditpatanasilata Institute in Bangkok, Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts Faculty at Silpakorn University, Fine Art Faculty at Chiang Mai University, Fine Art Faculty at Burapa University, Department of Fine Art, Architecture Faculty, at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Faculty of Fine Arts, Bangkok University, Fine Art Faculty at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Dhonburi Rajabhat University. College of Fine Arts Ladkrabang, Bangkok.
The purpose of the annual project is to showcase a diverse international group of students from various universities and artists working in video art each year to stir up new concerns, methods of practice, art theory and discourses of meaning about global influences of new media on social behavior, perception and artistic expression. We invite many artists from Europe who currently live and work in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, England and other countries. Each artist’s style and individual work process contributes to the diversity of the exhibition project providing insights into their cultures, roots and customs, personal interests and issues that tackle concerns about place, time and simulation.
Through the participation of artists from various backgrounds we intend to create a network that enhances understanding of different cultures through artistic practices and opens up an international platform for discussions.
Additionally, we focus on building academic partnerships within Thailand as well as establishing academic exchange programs with foreign universities and institutes that already include the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (Austria), the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne (Germany), and others.
Our specific goal is to improved fine art education and academic regulations in Thailand. Science technology is nowadays an important area of study in the arts and projects should be made available for students at their academic institutes. The Experimental Video Art, Exhibition Thai-¬‐European Friendship is a project that extends knowledge of new media for students and the general public through organized video screenings and receptions at various universities in Bangkok. The cooperation among artists from Thailand and abroad proved to be very successful in the past few years opening up future communication between nations around the world.

Komson Nookiew
Pascal Fendrich
Sabine Marte
Alex Heim/ Anja Krautgassner/ Anon Chaisansook, Rach Chulajata, Nattapat Thamasal, Napat Vattanakuljalas
and Bavorn Kajonpanpong/ Arnont Nongyaow/ Barbara Sturm/ Billy Rois/ Boris Irmscher/ Chayanis Wongthongde/ Daniel Burkhardt/ Dariusz Kowalski/ David Larcher/ Derek Robert/ Dieter Kovacic/ Doris Schmid/ Egbert Mittelstädt/ Eva Weingärtner/
Evamaria Schaller/ Gerald Zahn/ Gertrude Moser-Wagner/ Giuliano Vece/ Graw Boeckler/ Harald Hund and Paul Horn/
Hee-Seon Kim/ Heidrun Holzfeind and Christoph Draeger/ Ittiphon Chuntong/ Jan Arlt/ Jan Machacek/ Jate Yooyim/ Jihye Park/
Johan Lurf/ Julia Weidner/ Jun Yang/ Kanakorn Kachacheeva/ Karin Fissthaler/ Karl Inger Roys/ Kate Pickering/ Katharina Huber/ Khae Mongkornwong/ Kitti Sornmanee/ Komson Nookiew/ Kosit Juntratip/ Lena Ditte Nissen/ Leopord Kessler/ LIA/ Maki Satake/ Manuel Knapp/ Maria Petschig/ Matej Modrinjak/ Matthias Neuenhofer/ Menno Aden/ Miriam Bajtala/ Namfon Udomlertlak/ Nanthanach Ithisampand/ Natnaran Bualoy & party/ Nawarat Kanchaninthu/ Nicole Schatt/ Nithiphat Hoisangthong/
Nonglak Trithanachot/ Norbert Pfaffenbichler/ Oliver Stotz/ Orawan Arunrak/ Panu Saeng-Xuto/ Pascal Fendrich/ Pascal Fendrich and Bernd Härpfer/ Pasut Kranrattanasuit/ Peter Conrad Beyer/ Phillipp Messer/ Piriya Ouypaibulswat/ Puttipong Pisikullapark/ Rimas Sakalauskas/ Robert Vater/ Sabine Marte/ Susanne Schuda/ Susi Jirkuff/ Tessa Knapp/ Theerawat Maysasitthivit/
Thorsten Schneider/ Tina Frank/ Tintin Cooper/ Tuksina Pipitkul/ Urs Domingo Gnad/ Wuntigorn Kongka/ Yoshihisa Nakanishi/ Yuthachai Tangwongcharoen

An exhibition co-organized by BACC Exhibition Department and Komson Nookiew
For inquiry on the exhibition:
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
939 Rama I Rd., Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel. 02 214 6630 – 8 Fax. 02 214 6639


Special Activity: Artist Select
By Natnaran Bualoy
Main Gallery, 7th floor (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre)
Exhibition Department of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre welcome you to the Artist Selected of the Experimental Video Art exhibition with artist Natnaran Bualoy by watching and exchanging the ideas of the video art. 
Video Art screening 
Video Narrative screening on Saturday 9 August 2014 at 2-4 pm.
Conceptual Art screening on Saturday 16 August 2014 at 2-4 pm.
Video Documentary screening on Saturday 23 August 2014 at 2-4 pm.
Video Performance screening on Saturday 30 August 2014 at 4-6 pm.
Video Installation and Video Animation screening on Saturday 13 September 2014 at 4-6 pm.
** Note - The video art are divided into 6 categorizes by the curator.
In the 1980s, technological developments increasingly offered new means of expression: dissolves, colour manipulations, chroma keying, computer animation and influencing the image by the way of video synthesizer. Electronic visual composition approached the level of film dramaturgy. Today, Video Art has a fixed place not just in the art world and the art market but also in theater and the board realm of commercial entertainment, advertising and design. Now we need to recall the values, the rigor, and the seriousness of the early years and what will be next on our various exhibitions. 
Organized by BACC Exhibition Department in collaboration with Natnaran Bualoy
For More Information, 
please contact: BACC exhibition dept. 



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