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A Photography Exhibition: A Beautiful World

Date : 22 April 2014 - 24 April 2014
Location: Hall, 1st floor
By Network of Deans and Heads in Communication Arts and Mass Media
The Opening: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 1.00 pm

A Network of Deans and Heads in Communication Arts and Mass Media has realized the importance of aesthetic and the joy of living together. We believe that the beauty of human life can be reflected in our traditions, cultures, environments, and other natural conditions, which make this world a joyful place for every life. We have also perceived that a photograph is a powerful medium to convey a story with full of senses and aesthetic. Therefore, we establish this photography exhibition, A Beautiful World, by presenting traditional perspective, arts and cultures, architectures, landscapes, and our ways of life, which reflect the beauty of this world, to emphasize that all of us will have to protect all these beauties and pass them to new generations. 

Because it believes that “On this planet, there are many beautiful things are waiting for searching” Communication Consortium have realized the importance of being together on this beautiful world which full of mankind’s peace heart. Also realizing that the photo is a powerful medium for storytelling that is both informative and aesthetic. Communication Consortium has therefore organized a photo exhibition on the topic of “Beautiful World ” By offering a dimensional perspective convey the beauty of nature and humanity from the world of emotions, thoughts, feelings and imagination through the lens to forward the elegance in mind to the society. Communication Consortium recognizes that the power of love and happy are being presentation over all in this world, will bring smiles to the world and will lead to change in order to live together in peace in the future.



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