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BKK Version: Media shapes mind- Mind shapes Choice- Choice shapes future 

As part of the upcoming exhibition, Media Shapes Mind: Mind Shapes Choice: Choice Shapes Future, at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, we'd like to invite you to add your photographs to one of the artworks that will be featured. The artwork, Consider (Bangkok): Cadastre per Aspera, by Singaporean artist Bruce Quek, re-purposes night-time images of the city to ask questions about light pollution, the stars, and how meaning is made.
To participate, simply send us a photograph of somewhere special, or significant, in Bangkok, taken at night. It could be a postcard-perfect view of the city skyline, little-seen views of an industrial area, or even just the view from your window – it's up to you.
• Images must be of the city at night, with visible sources of artificial lights
• Images should be taken from roughly eye-level, whether at street level or the upper floors of a building
• Only digital images are accepted. 
• Maximum of 5 Mb file size (per image). 
• All images must be in JPEG or JPG format 
• Limit of five (5) images per photographer. 
• Editing and manipulation is not recommended. 
• Image(s) must be the original work of the photographer submitting the image(s). 
• The content contained in the image(s) does not infringe on the intellectual property (including copyright and trademark) or any other rights of any individual or entity. 
Please also provide the following information:
• First Name: 
• Last Name: 
• Description of the photograph, including location: 
• Email: 
Email the image with the information by 31 October 2013 to the artist: cadastre@gmx.com 
An Exhibition by BACC exhibition dept. in collaboration with the Japan Foundation For more information, please contact exhibition@bacc.or.th



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