After The Missing Dialogue Art Exhibition

Date : 18 July 2013 - 30 August 2013
Location: People's Gallery, 2nd floor
By 21 Artists
Opening on Thursday 18 July 2013 at 5 p.m.

For this exhibition, the group "After Missing Dialogue" is a light combination of students who have graduated from the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture, and Graphic Art at Silapakorn University of the Arts since 2008. This exhibition has been much discussed during that time, many things have changed, but the idea has finally come to fruition.
Regardless of all the things that have happened in the process, this exhibition has come into being. We originally anticipated displaying the artwork of a group of 86 friends from the 61st class of the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture, and Graphic Art. But ultimately, only 21 artists’ work was collected to be shown. The artists’ are:PannavitPipatjirachod, TinnapopNgansathin, TinnapatChaisittisak, PrabPanitroangkrai, TanakornChoomchue, PacharapongMeesilp, SurapongSutatnaAyutaya, WittayaKa-kum, PreechaRaksorn,TeerawatNutjaraenpol,PacharaPiyasongsoot, SaritSermsitiporn, TanakornBuaprodPacharapornBaiposuwan, PromkeereeSuprom-in, MeechaiSuwannasan, OrasaChaleejanghan, ReunruthaiRodsuwan, JutharatKhayansalung and SuwanChumpol.The absence of so many of the original artists is for several reasons. One cited repeatedly is that many people dispersed back to their residences upon graduating, thus making it difficult to continue to sit back and talk together as we once did. Some of them are overseas. Some delayed graduation, some are in graduate school, and some have gotten master’s degrees. And several --- many people say —are proudly treading the path of the true artist…one step at a time.
Therefore, due to the various reasons briefly described above the number of participating artists has been reduced by more than half. Rather than extinguish our expectations, this setback has heightened them. We hopethat the exhibition "After Missing Dialogue" will result in the integration of new ideas, concepts, and people, including many of the original 86 who couldn’t join, for our next exhibition.The urge many people have to work on art will be rekindled. People will realize the spirit of the artist still lives within them. After all, it has been refined and molded from numerous and various faculty and environments. To get back to the ability within, create… and… and create.
We expect that the exhibition "After Missing Dialogue" will yield many benefits and hold much inspiration for any and all artistic endeavors.
Translated by Jared Mason



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