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iN-PUBLiC: An Exhibition of Street Photography

Date : 15 February 2013 - 10 March 2013
Location: 3rd floor
By TCDC and the British Council


Selected works from the iN-PUBLiC Street Photography workshop
This exhibition presents selected works from the three day “Bangkok: Street Photography Workshop” held from 1-3 February 2013. The workshop involved forty local photographers, with feedback and advice from iN-PUBLiC’s visiting members David Gibson and Richard Bram. It is jointly presented by TCDC and the British Council.
“iN-PUBLiC” is a group of 21 acclaimed photographers working in streets and public places around the world.
The collective was formed by Nick Turpin in 2000, to gather together a community of street photographers - to create a 'home' - but above all else to celebrate street photography. The photographs from its twenty-one members worldwide showcase the vitality and normality of street photography. See the unusual in the everyday through the eyes of the iN-PUBLiC photographers with “iN-PUBLiC: An Exhibition of Street Photography” from the UK,
in Thailand for the first time from 6 February - 24 March 2013 at TCDC on 6th floor, the Emporium Shopping complex.



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