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No Absolute Truth In The Universe art exhibition

Date : 25 January 2013 - 17 February 2013
Location: Studio, 4th floor

The opening ceremony will be on January 25th at 6 p.m.

No absolute truth in the universe is the art exhibition that presents Dhamma of Buddhism.
It is communicated and created to go along with the contemporary culture
in order that the art appreciators will reach enlightenment.
The exhibition brings faith and understanding to the Buddha's Dhamma through contemporary arts
From Chaiyo Loeamornpagsin, Kesvita Rotpan, Ongart Loeamornpagsin and Punsiri Siriwetchapun.
in many forms including paintings, sculpture, photography, installation and
Ideas about Dhamma of the four artists. This will be the new alternative for art enthusiasts
to see Dhamma in various angles and it might be one factor that will help promote
art society and inspire people.



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