main exhibition 789

FOR wallpainting 2

Date : 26 March 2011 - 25 September 2011
Location: Exhibition Ramp, 7th-9th floor
Presented by: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

With concept of ‘Brave New World by Post-Graffiti Blood’, 16 artists with individual experiences molded by urban culture express thought, emotion, and relation of surroundings through their unique techniques and styles. Each of paintings when existed together, results chaos and conflicts; ranging from flimsy, senseless story to solid and stable substance. Constraint of aesthetic has been released for public recognition, freed from fixed frames of thoughts, advancing new aesthetic for public art. As each paining holds its identity, at the same time learns to yield. Between extreme ends of spectrum, a community arises, setting up a new balance among dissimilarities. It is not a fusion, but a coexisting of individualities and a whole. The creation here is not of one particular artist, but a process of all, voicing out from a quiet lifeless wall that



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