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BACC Photo Picture Perfect : A Photography Series Exhibition Part I : 3 Women

Date : 25 November - 06 January 2013
Location: 3rd - 4th floor
Opening at 6:30 pm 24th November 2013

In the past, a picture whose scene was set and composed in detail conveyed how perfectly it was taken, “Picture Perfect.” This has become a catchword used to describe how perfect a picture could be. Although its meaning can be differently interpreted and changed in each age, the heart of picture creation is not that different from the one in the past. That is, a picture speaks the value of life given, an ideal of beauty expressed and a model of perfection and supposedly correct standard conveyed.

“Picture Perfect” turns into the representative of the ideal beauty presented in a picture in the same level as a perfect beauty of a woman or timeless beauty of sunset. If picture taking is to confer important to subject in the picture, will it be possible that the viewpoint of beauty and perfection in such frames discard the significance hidden in humanity subtlety? Even though the perfect beauty shown in a picture could connect to ideology beyond state of the world but such pure sight could segregate elements that remind us of complexities of the world, of how vulnerable human being could be, of a nature of life itself.
Picture Perfect is an exhibition that presents how the world is seen through photographs that show subtlety of life in the contemporary age and alternative viewpoints of beauty and purity hidden in flaws of reality. The exhibition aims at conveying the depth of seeing photograph, passing on meaningful relationships between audience and pictures based on complications of reality, and finally understanding stories beyond their frames. By “3 Women”, the first photography series exhibition, it opens up viewpoints towards women through female photographers’ works.
Pichaya Suphavanij
Chamaiporn Wadkien
Charinthorn Rachurutchata



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