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bacc experimental Temporary Storage #01

Date : 10 November - 09 December 2012
Location: 5th floor
Operated by BACC Exhibition Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.
Opening: 10 November 2012, 6 – 8 pm at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre & Advertising Banners around BTS Stations (Siam – Victory Monument)

BACC Experimental Project is a project that has an aim to support a small-sized exhibition or art activities from curators and artists that explore progressive ideas and alternative possibilities in arts. The project encourages enquiry thoughts of creators in the age of flux where culture, environment, and society are all revolved in continuous change, in consequence shifts and misplaces in relationships and social roles of people. BACC experimental project promotes the ideas of curators and artists to deconstruct, examine, and analyze in order to question various concerns and search for answers, or experiment for possibilities and communicate the process and outcome to general public. 

From the long history of traditional belief that is difficult to modify, the project has a goal in providing different angles to outdated fixed values and reach out beyond frames of explanations in our own time. It is to create diverse dialogues between what has happened before, what is currently happening, and what it could be in the future, that results as experiences and valuable perspectives to various contemporary issues. 



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