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Date : 11 September 2011 - 11 October 2011
Location: BKK Arthouse Gallery, 3rd floor
Sunday,11 September at 6 pm.

Gagasmicism is the latest multi-media exhibition by artist and self-proclaimed "Thailand’s Only Waacking Drag-Queen extraordinaire" Pan Pan Narkprasert who experienced a spiritual awakening after winning a trip to see Lady Gaga live in New York. Having been raised in a Buddhist household, Pan was the black-sheep atheist of his family but his time in the concrete jungle somehow brou...ght him closer to "god" and he felt the higher being speaking to him directly like never before. The experience triggered something from within and added to his repressed desire to escape the mundane heterosexual nightlife world, and he was offered a life-changing solution by this "voice." 



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