Youth Beyond Borders Presents “Unity Unveiled: Celebrating Diverse Community and Power of Youth”

Date : 21 June 2024
Location: Multi-Function Room, 1st Floor
By Kenan Foundation Asia
Time: 11.00-18.00 hrs.

Join us for an inspiring workshop and supporting a society of diversity and youth-led initiatives by youth from 6 countries on 21st June 2024 at Multi-Functional Room, 1st Floor, BACC
Bangkok, Thailand – Youth Beyond Borders project is thrilled to announce its upcoming event, “Unity Unveiled: Celebrating Diverse Community and Power of Youth,” a day dedicated to empowering young people across six countries [Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Tibetan community in India] and highlighting the strength found in our diverse communities. This exciting event will take place 21st June 2024 at Multi-Functional Room, 1st Floor, BACC and promises to be an engaging and transformative experience for all attendees.

Event Highlights:
Main event [start 1.00 – 5.30 PM];
Opening show: Cultural Performance featuring diverse of country representatives
Panel Discussion - Celebrating Diverse Community and Power of Youth: The inspiring panel discussion underscored the significance of diversity, unity, and youth involvement in effecting social change to enhance and amplify youth voices at the regional level. This session emphasised the capacity of youth influence in catalysing positive change within their communities. Meanwhile, international organisations play a vital role in empowering youth at both the national and regional levels.
USAID Representative: Nils Mueller, Director, General Development Office, Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA) in Bangkok, Thailand
FHI360 Representative: Kasun Pathiraja, Sri Lanka Country Coordinator
2 Youth Champions representative: 
Chakriya Chun (Cambodia), Project Coordinator at Women Peace Makers
Aslam Aleeming (Thailand), Director of Media and Public Relations, Thai Muslim Youths Development Association
Moderated by Vishni Vincent, National Director at Sri Lanka Unites
Panel Discussion - Unveil Unity Through Regional Social Campaign: Highlighting successful regional initiatives, examining challenges faced, and sharing best practices, the discussion aims to inspire and empower participants to initiate or contribute to impactful social campaigns in their own regions.
Panelist: Youth Champions from Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the Tibetan community in India
Moderated by Sarisa Kanoktanyarat, Senior Consultant at Kenan Foundation Asia
Regional Social Campaign Showcase: The session will showcase a diverse line up of project and activities carried out by the youth to demonstrate knowledge in practice and the strength of regional across six countries with opportunity to networking with public and exchanging experiences.

Side event [start 11.00 AM – 5.30 PM]:
Positive for All: Celebrates the diversity of interpretations and perceptions of positive within a broader context by sending positive message from individuals and exchanging with others.
Carry the Goodness: Tote Bag Artistry Workshop - participants can decorate their own tote bags with uplifting designs, symbols, or messages representing something positive they want to take back home with them.
Free admission, seats are limited.
Please register in advance or at event through the link:  https://forms.gle/wrZoGgDs4MWBm52U9
For more information:
Youth Beyond Borders Project
Pimsiri Phubantad
Tel: 02-260-0380
Email: [email protected]



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