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Power of the Nose: Right to Clean Air

Date : 01 June 2023 - 11 June 2023
Location: Open space
By Thailand Clean Air Network

"Power of the Nose: Right to Clean Air" is an art and information exhibition. It is a nudging reminder to us all that we all have, but this one nose to breathe the air which sustains our lives. It is a right that we all collectively have, which the state is obligated to respect, protect and fulfill this right for us all.

We hope to awaken the inner power in us all to stand up and protect the right of our noses to finally be able to breathe in clean air. 

We cordially invite the owner of every nose to come see this imaginative and immersive art exhibition. Come sit on the noses and enjoy taking photos with them and learn more about the air that we all breathe. A topic that is literally not beyond the tip of our noses, but unfortunately, only a handful of people are fully aware of this public health risk.

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