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GuruShots Photography Exhibition

Date : 04 April 2023 - 09 April 2023
Location: Curved Wall, 3rd Floor
By GuruShots
Opening Reception: Thursday 6th April 2023, 18.00 – 20.00 hrs.

The international photography platform, GuruShots, will be making their next appearance on the photography scene in Bangkok with their ‘Solo - Single Subject' and 'Our Amazing Planet' exhibitions.

GuruShots is a digital platform that allows photographers from around the world to submit their work for a variety of thematic photo challenges that open every day.
This exhibition at BACC will feature a two pronged photography exhibition displaying photographic works from around the globe. Visitors will be able to view this remarkable collection of 80 unique printed works submitted by photographers spanning over 30 different countries.

GuruShots’ mission is not only to help their best photographers expand their careers and gain exposure to larger audiences, but also to motivate, challenge, and inspire aspiring and beginner photographers. GuruShots is an innovative platform that is bringing the world's art and technology spheres together in a truly unique way.

For more information, please contact
Luke Hanns, (Head of Exhibitions)
Mobile  +972587700081
Facebook  GuruShots
instagram GuruShots
Website www.gurushots.com



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