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Painting with Sound

Date : 29 March 2023 - 02 April 2023
Location: Studio, 4th Floor
By Fuzion Far East Ltd.

Art is a powerful form of expression. It generates an emotional response from the recipients via the five sense organs: ears, eyes, nose, tongue, and touch. Sound as an art form uses the ears but it also stimulates the body in terms of feel. It is arguably the most powerful of sensations.
The exhibition “Painting with Sound” is in response to the demand for new sound technology to add emotion to digital art. Recognizable forms include printed screen, structure, motion graphics, VR painting and film.
This event is a collaboration between Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer Genelec and the 4 Thai artists who have created the content. Visual artists like Pat Lactobacillus have a distinct psychedelic digital painting style combining 80’s and 90’s design aesthetics. Known for his excellent work in applied Thai style, Ekachai Milintapas uses characteristic designs to transfer scenes and storylines into digital format. Another artist, respected sound designer Nopawat Likitwong, has produced a range of work including music, movies, and commercials. He collaborates with music production facility Yaak Lab for this show. Finally, film director Chantana Thipprachat has created a short film with unique and emotional application of sound.
More information: Tel. 02-641-4545 or Line ID: @fuzion
Website: www.fuzion.co.th/paintingwithsound

For more information, please contact
Suchaya Sattathaworn
Mobile  086-285-5063  
Website www.fuzion.co.th



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