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Here Comes the Common Ground

Date : 10 January 2023 - 22 January 2023
Location: studio, 4th floor , Curved Wall, 4th floor
Organised by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and Bangkok Illustration Fair

Here Comes the Common Ground
10 - 22 January 2023
Here Comes the Common Ground is an exhibition collaborating between the Bangkok Illustration Fair (BKKIF) and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC). When the BKKIF 2022 was held from 8-11 November 2022 on 9F BACC, where the BACC exhibition department took roles as the Reviewer –  selecting artworks and exchanging thoughts with artists in the professional field of contemporary art. The selected artworks depicts the non-repetitive techniques has given the light to initiate this exhibition. The exhibition coveys the fundamental idea of having the main exhibition room as the "common ground" where artists can communicate, develop, and exchange ideas through artworks with more exposure to the audiences.
In the present, the overlaps between illustration and contemporary art are acknowledged and the distinction between both is a blur line. Here, the art-making process from numerous techniques is being explored, e.g., embroidery, stitching, and pottery. It highlights stories of others on art and society, such as the life of labour, the relevance of changes in society toward human’s state of mind, the depiction of the male gaze in visual culture through manga, the observant of dreams and goals via physical symbol system and challenges to multiculturalism, etc. With aims to create the middle ground, the exhibition opens the door of dialogue, exchanging thoughts towards challenges in the creative process, boundaries of  illustration, and contemporary arts. The exhibition also presents the artists’ interests leaning on the rising economic and social issues, such as personal interests, the concept of ideology, way of life, and urbanism. The concept of “regeneration” in the current era is the special topic discussed between BACC and the artists. It is not merely a state of the meaning of terms but the subjects of a talk on interpretation relating to rejuvenation, adaptation, and re-examining the rising views towards global phenomena. As a global citizen, how artists have cultivated their experiences regarding such themes in this exhibition. Those artworks should create a ripple effect encouraging audiences to use their personal perspective to examine the exhibition.
Here Comes the Common Ground is a form of contextualisation for illustration and artistic practices with the selection of more than 80 artworks featuring seven artists from the Bangkok Illustration Fair (BKKIF) 2022: Mathus Kaewdum (cerebrum_art.original), Mira Sureeratana  (I Draw a House for My Friend), Isaree Pipatpongsa  (Izary Shojo), Lomfang Lakornpol (Lomfang), Nuttapng Daovichitr (Nut Dao), Pichakorn Choonroungrerung  (OKD_STUDIO), and Nopporn Subyen (Pong Songsai). Artworks in this exhibition contribute a more textured understanding of the definition between terms, posing questions upon the illustrations’ values, roles, and functions in becoming the mirror of society.  

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