Sairee beach

Date : 06 January 2023 - 29 January 2023
Location: People's Gallery P1 room, 2nd floor
By Pratchaya Charernsook

When the area that should have been a sandy beach turns out to be filled with micro plastics or plastic pieces smaller than 5 millimeters to the nanometer level that cannot be seen with the naked eye which is caused by plastic wastes that are disposed of by humans every day. Without proper management, they are slowly degrading and infiltrating back into the food chain with human beings as the ultimate consumer. Meaning that, the idea of human beings wanting to control nature and environment to meet the never ending needs of humans, in the end will lead the world to an environmental crisis that affects all kinds of living beings.

This set of artworks arises from exploration of traces left by humans, by collecting microplastic wastes around “Sai ree Beach”, Chumphon Province’s beach which is my hometown. The work is created to demonstrate the amount of micro plastics infiltrating in the natural environment that shows how the interference with the natural mechanisms by human behaviors results in environmental problems that are occurring in modern times, reflecting the truth of the humans of the Entropocene era. An era where humans have bring changes to the environment both from traveling and living.

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