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Colorful Platter

Date : 13 December 2022 - 05 February 2023
Location: Curved Wall, 5th floor
Organised by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre together with : BlueBlurryMonday, Chatchawan, May Wai, meanapas.c, Pnk.ff and toddyinthemood
Exhibition Opening : Friday 16 December 2022 at 15.00 hrs.

If we compare art to food, then artists are chefs with diverse interests who have honed their skills and become proficient in their area of expertise, executing their craft with a meticulous touch. Luscious food is not produced by only one taste, but made up of a variety of flavors; just like a work of art that uses a combination of colors on the canvas, until the result is mellow and ready to be served to the audience.

Colorful Platter is a group exhibition that brings together the work of 6 Thai illustrators into a large plate, combining a variety of artworks, thoroughly integrated. All 6 artists were selected, and have already showed impressive works at the Bangkok Illustration Fair 2022. Since then, they continue to develop their works with a variety of lines, techniques, and colors. This exhibition, in a way, is like a chef’s table carefully selected and presented by each artist.
Colorful Platter will be on view at the curved wall, 5th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, from 13 December 2022 – 8 January 2023, with an opening event on Friday 16 December 2022. The artists in the project will work further with BACC on future fundraising project. You can subscribe to BACC’s E-Newsletter, visit our website : www.bacc.or.th, or follow us on Facebook for updates.

For more information, please contact
Marketing and Fundraising Manager
Tel. 02 214 6630 – 8 Ext. 512
E-mail vasita.j@bacc.or.th



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