Aesthetics of Horror

Date : 02 November 2022 - 27 November 2022
Location: People's Gallery P3 room, 2nd floor
By Dr.Napat  Kangwannarakul 

Devil’s horror is built by fear which was a basic emotion of human. The fear build a belief of invisibility. Death, natural disaster, epidemic, and good-bad karma picture a bodily imagery of fear. This study aimed to investigate the moral perception of meta-aesthetic and the strategy of projecting devil’s imagery. The result, furthermore, was adopted to create work of perceiving devil’s aesthetic. By merging the binary opposition – ugliness and cuteness, the ghost was designed as a fair, but fierce figure in imaged afterworld.

As a result, the diminishably detailed and simplified ghost was projected. Consecutively, the ghost were cute and scary. Two-dimension figure was delusive due to the physical feature of paper, shading light, and installation in the dark room

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