Ukraine is the cradle of heroes

Date : 21 June 2022 - 03 July 2022
Location: 5th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)
By The Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Thailand
Opening Reception: June 21, 2022 at 4 p.m.

The Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Thailand invites you to explore
the art&photo exhibition “Ukraine is the cradle of heroes” which highlights
the connections between Ukraine’s past and present - in glory and in sorrow. It pays tribute to the defenders of Ukraine across time. The artworks take you back to the Cossacks era, then fast forward to the battlefields of modern Donbas. You will also see how the legacy of the heroes of the past lives on, under the everlasting protection of Ukrainian female guardian deities.

The presentation consists of three thematic blocks, each conveying an explicit message.
The first one: “An epic story of heroism”, is created by the Ukrainian graphic artist and illustrator Oleksii Chebykin. He is best known for creating high-quality comics and cartoons about the Cossacks (Cossacks - the name of Ukrainian warriors who by the mid-16th century developed a military organization of a peculiarly democratic kind). Cossacks are knights of justice and defenders of freedom. Oleksii is inspired by their vital energy, courage, strength and fearlessness. The Cossack’s style of life holds in itself a distinct philosophy; timeless, beyond space and historical frames. In his artworks, Oleksii glorifies Cossacks and presents them as a national brand to promote all over the world. It goes without saying - epic heroes exist in all world cultures, as beacons of peace. In this exhibition, Heroes of Ramayana and Ukrainian Cossacks are shown together against the historical background of the eternal fight between good and evil.

The second part of the exhibition is titled “Flames of war and rays of light”. These photos were taken by Dmytro Kozatskyi, also known by his code name “Orest”. Dmytro is a fighter of the Azov regiment and one of the defenders of Mariupol. For more than 80 days, “Orest” and his compatriots had been defending the besieged Azovstal metalworks in the city of Mariupol. He became the regiment’s de facto press secretary who documented their struggle in a series of photographs. The famous portrait of a soldier under a ray of sunlight makes us believe that darkness will be defeated and Azov’s soldiers resistance will never be forgotten. Heroes of Azovstal are modern-day knights, a symbol of hope for the whole world. For us, Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russia today are the descendants of Cossacks. Similarly to our heroes of the past, they defend Ukraine’s independence.
The final component of the exhibition is “Motanka – a spiritual guardian”, a series of paintings by Ukrainian artist Marta Pitchuk. The Motanka doll is an ancient Ukrainian talisman, a missing link between the past and the present. Marta’s artworks draw parallels between our ancestral heritage and modern reality, reviving sacred images and their meanings. The doll has pre-Christian roots; it was believed to possess protective powers, safeguarding our people from evil. The Motanka doll is faceless - the cross symbolizes unity between Heaven and Earth, four cardinal points, four seasons, and the Sun. Now, more than ever, Ukrainians need protection for their skies, for their homes, for their loved ones, for their Motherland.

For more information, please contact
Mykola Boichuk
Olga Rusova
Mobile 096-0271562 // 088-6848938
Facebook Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Thailand



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