The Memory

Date : 03 February 2022 - 27 February 2022
Location: People's Gallery (P1)
By Supamas taveechotipart

 “Time passed and pain turned to memory “
That is an uncomfortable feeling that I have to learn to accept and navigate. Pain, sadness, joy, anger- a bevy of feelings and emotions- are all part of cherished memories and I do have faith that over time they will continue to shape me and lead me towards a bright future. 

The main drive for each of my art work comes from how I express my thoughts and emotions during the work process. I want the audience to feel something rather than only following a story. As I express my emotions onto the linen, it can vary in many ways, much like when writing in a personal diary. As for inspirations, they come from real life experiences and stories. I then retell them in my own style.



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