Take Care of Yourself

Date : 04 January 2022 - 16 January 2022
Location: Curved wall 3rd floor
By Supmanee Chaisansuk and Thailand CAN

Take care of Yourself is a collaborative art exhibition between Ms.Supmanee Chaisansuk and Thailand CAN as part of the Citizens Make Change Festival to be held from January 4-16, 2022 on the 3rd floor of the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center. 
This collection is a semi-abstract art exhibition to help create awareness about the dangers of air pollution to our health.  At present, air pollution in Thailand often exceeds limits that are safe for human health and the trend is looking more dire by the day.  This is because the responsible regulatory bodies are unable to be effective due to the underlying structural issues. As ordinary citizens, we are unable to solve this problem holistically simply on our own.  All we can do individually is simply to take measures to protect ourselves and our love ones to prevent these harmful pollutants from entering our bodies, as best as we can.

A part of the Citizens Make Change Festival

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