Biopsy of Fear

Date : 10 December 2021 - 12 December 2021
Location: Studio on 4th floor
By B-Floor Theatre

Biopsy of Fear 
Fear of what? Whose fear is it?

In the world where fear reigns; oppression, discrimination, and governing spread wide. Collaborations destroyed and hope stolen, people give up their freedom despite it being the meaning of life. Such obedient surrender begets a new citizen who will oppress others in the name of the kingdom of fear.

Biopsy of Fear is an artistic operation that explores and deconstructs fear that’s been instilled deeply within one’s consciousness; Darkness. Ghosts. Violence. Ignorance. Oppression. Beliefs. All things un-uprooted, uninvestigated, unquestioned, yet shamelessly long-standing.

A series of performances by B-Floor Theatre, Crescent Moon Theatre, and Lanyim Theatre, exploring and dissecting/uprooting/stripping the domains of fear with performing arts in each artist’s unique style and journey.

Title: A Thorn of Conceptual Pain
by B-Floor Theatre x RasaDrum 

Inspired by poetry and stories of millenarian revolts in North-eastern Siam
From uprising in two different lands and two different times, eradicating fear, to resisting unjust power. The performance traces and collects fragments of these stories through poetry, and expresses through body movements and percussion sounds from drums that people use to shout out their resistance and ward off the “fear”.

Directed by Teerawat Mulvilai
Form of Presentation: Movement-based Performance

Title: The Cowbell and the Invisible
by Crescent Moon Theatre 

In the midst of darkening haze, blurred vision, and suffocating pressure…we are still moving.
What do we move with? Is it by ourselves that we move? Or we’re just puppeteered by what we become used to? It seems we are just floating repetitively to orchestrated rhythm and forgetting our own voices and the invisible.

Inspired by the youth’s movements and the state of the surrounding society, the performance will explore the interactions between the body, sound, the subconscious, and the invisible in transition to becoming something else.

Directed and performed by Sineenadh Keitprapai
Form of Presentation: Butoh Performance

Title: Dear Mother Snake, (Ibu Ular)
by Lanyim Theatre 

“…I have long been suppressed of my beliefs, so long that my flesh is submerged within bushes of thorn.
The foolish instant that my eyes opened to invite theirs, my voice and words wither as they slither, drained and gone…”

Dear Mother Snake (Ibu Ular) is an adaptation of the poetry collection “The Mother Snake is Never Gone from the Village” by Arnond Nanmalaew. The story follows a hunter in search of large game in Patani land. Weaving together dialogues of conflict, violence, suppression, and beliefs in the three provinces in the South of Thailand, through the eyes of a writer, Arnond, and a man, Areef, who created the pseudonym “Arnond”.

Direction: Nontawat Machai
Form of Presentation: Movement and Text-based Performance (English surtitles available)

10-12 December, 2021 
At 19.00 - 21.00 hrs.
Venue: Studio, 4th floor, BACC

Full Price 900 Baht/seat
Student Price 800 Baht/seat
Group of 10 People 700 Baht/seat
Early Bird Promotion available from 20-27 November 2021 600 Baht/seat
Booking available on 20 November 2021

For more information: 
Facebook: B-floor 
Mobile: 083-504-9641



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