Bangkok Theatre Festival 2021 (BTF 2021)

Date : 06 November 2021 - 21 November 2021
Location: Studio on 4th floor
By Bangkok Theatre Network

Bangkok Theater Festival 2021 (BTF 2021)
“Back to live!!” at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and theatres in Bangkok

After a long anticipation whether the situation in the country will allow the shows to be held live or not
Finally, Bangkok Theatre Festival 2021, has come back with the concept “Back to live!!”
With this opportunity for everyone to enjoy the shows that you have all been waiting for.

For safety precautions to prevent the spread of Covid 19, according to the New Normal measures, to limit audiences and keep distance between seats.

The 2 venues of performance area in BACC, include the Studio rooms on the 4th floor and room 401.

This year, we have gathered a wide range of artists such, a team led by the Silpathorn artists Icon of Thai stage play "Tua Pradit Prasartthong" which will come with a new and unique show. There will also be an iconic performance of the adaptation drama "Big Damkoeng", the iconic figure of the solo show "Kak Wannasak Sirila" along with "Sineenat Ketpraphai", who will also illustrate a powerful solo, as well as "Nikorn Sae Tang" with a unique storytelling, followed by "Eew Panrat", a spoken play iconic figure.

This year, there will also be a debut of "Ta, Len, Show" and the Object theatre that will bring the objects to life on stage.

And numerous artists that you have all been waiting for, with various styles of work, including street work, body movement, music, magic, and solo microphone, and a surprise solo show from many charming artists who have never soloed anywhere before.

Besides the plays, this year we also have a new event organized for the very first time for those who have interest in demonstrating their solo skills, "Lord of the Play", a short solo performance competition, no more than 7 minutes.

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Including more than 20 shows, planned throughout the next 3 weekends (Saturday – Sunday), from 6-21 November 2021

Special Deal: This year we all have been through various endeavors, from the breakout of the pandemic to natural disasters that may have affected the economy and everyone’s’ pockets; we offer to you, special ticket price and free tickets to some shows, we hope that this ease the burden and share happiness with all of you to the fullest!

Thank you for your patience and let's enjoy, “Back to live!!”

A part of Performative Art Project #10 (P.A.P. #10) will take place in November - January 2022 at Studio, 4th floor and other spaces at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

For more information:
Website: www.bangkoktheatrefest.com
Facebook: Bangkok Theatre Festival
Instagram: bangkok_theatre_festival
Line official account: https://lin.ee/Y8Vjgth 

Activity Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Tel. 02 214 6630 ext. 530



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