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BACC E-Journal 2021

Date : 22 June 2021 - 31 December 2021
Location: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
By Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

The BACC presents the first volume of the journal that houses a general survey of Thailand’s current art and culture landscape during 2010-2020, grasping at diversity within subject matters. The debut journal includes a variety of research, personal and critical essays from Thai writers of multiple backgrounds.

In order to represent the BACC and its institutional practice, the assembled texts are in parallel with the centre’s outreach; beyond the visual arts, the art centre is also an important home for performance art, literature, cinema, music, and educational activities, and serves as a public space for self-expression. 

This journal will therefore act as an essential platform for archiving English-language writing material that reflects past and current Thai art and culture.

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