Substance of Hope

Date : 01 July 2021 - 31 October 2021
Location: People's Gallery (P2)
By Kanokpon Somchua

Belief and faith is a part of humanity, and people’s hope towards sacred things is like a driving force for life. Even though the society has developed, but things is still deeply rooted in society, which is seen through how people belief in things that cannot be seen. However if these beliefs are built without understanding and reasoning, it can become a wall that blocks us from understanding other things, making us stuck in the unknows and conducts our life according to it.

“Substance of Hope” project is a mixed media installation that is created from wastes from firecrackers that are used in votive offerings in a community. The waste firecrackers are compressed in to a large brick and are built in to a wall in a public space, which this wall give a comparison to a strong fortress but in the same time, it is also a barrier that separates us from the other side.



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