Date : 02 June 2021 - 27 June 2021
Location: People's Gallery (P1-3)
By Suttipan Sutthichai and Duenchayphoochana Phooprasert 

Suttipan Sutthichai

This series of work, I intend to present the aesthetics of architecture. The outside texture feature such as rough, smooth, glossy and matte, together with simple geometric forms that overlapping of colors and lines including various perspectives are used, which create charming of art work. Process in painting as drawing lines used to make shade from grey to black, deep to shallow. These lead to beauty and the hidden tidiness that other people may not see.

Duenchayphoochana Phooprasert 

Art is composed of the beauty that is scattered in nature into one. As with most human creations that start from mimicking nature. All these works reflect thinking and imagination. Inspire and guide each other Resulting in a powerfully creative work with tremendous value That makes sense of the greatness of nature that is not just a home for all kinds But also a source of all kinds of creative works.



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