Special project

BACC Fundraising Project 2021

Date : 01 March 2021 - 31 August 2021
Location: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
By Bangkok Art and Culture Centre Foundation together with the Artist Network
Duration: March 2021 onwards

August 2021 will mark the 10th anniversary of the administration of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre Foundation. Originally, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration funded approximately 45% of the BACC’s total income; but since 2018, the BMA has ceased its support making management very difficult. Currently the BACC Foundation is negotiating with the BMA about the financial support renewal as well as contract extension to allow the Foundation to continue its operation.
Hence, the BACC team has initiated “BACC Fundraising Project 2021” to engage BACC’s audiences and participants in supporting the BACC to continue to serve the public as the ‘People’s Art Centre.’
“Art in Postcards” the first activity of the project is to create a special postcard set together with 12 Thai artists including: Ploy Chariyaves, Manoth Kitticheewan, Yuree Kensaku, Nakrob Moonmanas, Lolay, Nut Dao, give.me.museums, Juli Baker and Summer, Rukkit, Katchakul, faan.peeti and Inflowerlesson to raise funds for the BACC. Those who are interested in supporting the BACC can do so by donating 50 THB per postcard

Besides postcards by 12 Thai Artists, BACC creates “Art in Postcards Master Series” together with 4 Thai famous artists including: Phansakdi Chakkaphak, Inson Wongsam, Pratuang Emjaroen and Panya Vijinthanasarn. Those who are interested in supporting the BACC can do so by donating 300 THB per set (4 postcards).
Receive the postcard of their choice at the bacc shop and the information counter on the 5th floor and Gallery on the 3rd floor. Online ordering is available through Facebook Fanpage: Bacc หอศิลปวัฒนธรรมแห่งกรุงเทพมหานคร Postcards can be delivered throughout Thailand.
You can follow other fundraising projects by BACC through our online channels. We will announce the total amount of money raised from the BACC Fundraising Project 2021 in August.
The BACC would like to thank those who participated in this fundraising scheme as well as the public who have always supported our exhibitions and activities. We promise to continue to serve as the center of the arts and culture and instill a love for contemporary art to flourish in the future.
For more information, please contact
BACC Media and Public Relations Dept.  
Tel. 02-2146630-8 ext. 501-503
Email: info@bacc.or.th
Facebook: Bacc หอศิลปวัฒนธรรมแห่งกรุงเทพมหานคร



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