Perspective of Human

Date : 06 January 2021 - 31 January 2021
Location: People's Gallery (P3)
By Thanita Srisomphan

Bondage is implication which is adhering inescapably something. Both of thoughts and feelings result to various behavioral expressions in which every society has limitations, values ​​and rules which are for control. Because of various limitations human has to express themselves in form which is admitted in that society in any situations and suitability. It is obvious that the human’s mind is complex through the accumulation of experiences from their living environment. Some thoughts is negative. Some is not form which is true. It results in expressing sometimes, whether it is something that we are satisfied with or we are not is affected. I would like to create “zone” which is human can express any posture without this word “circumstance”. This work will present human shape, various environments and symbols which human see them then they feel it is fake. It caused by giving various viewpoints and combining many painting techniques. It adheres to the principle of style of realism, imagination and reducing to create satisfaction in the area that I have created.



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