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Date : 01 January 2021 - 20 February 2022
Location: Gallery 3 on the 3rd floor
By Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

The art centre BACC is known for hosting numerous exhibitions all at the same time on its premises all year round. Now on its twelveth year of operation, it is time to look back to its development since the beginning, when a group of artists mulled its existence in the nineties.

Many would still remember the refrain “We want art centre, not shopping centre” first heard during the campaign to build the art gallery. Curiously, visitors now coming into the BACC are greeted with more shops than in any galleries that they have ever been to. Perhaps explanations can be found in this very exhibition.

The exhibition looks back at the centre’s activities and the people that have played roles in various capacities in its cultural life. The BACC has been independently run by the BACC Foundation, set up by the City of Bangkok.

After 12 years it is a good time to appraise the centre’s work and its impact on the cultural life of the city:  which groups of people have benefited from its existence, and why some people refers to it as the people’s art centre.

The exhibition is also the occasion to invite public comments and ideas on the centre, its role in hosting not only the visual arts events, but as well the theatre, literature, film, and music. It also gives space for socially related events, so the public may participate in defining and creating the art into the future.

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Educational activities for Early Years Project 4 Exhibition as follows:
1. WORKSHOP ONE DAY @BACC, 27th January 2021 onwards 



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