Date : 05 August 2020 - 30 August 2020
Location: People's Gallery (P3)
By Nilraya Bundasak

The colorful and identity of Isan culture are transmitted through the way of life. And expressed through generations, together with the colors that appear clearly in both the artist and the exhibition itself.  "Colorful" "exhibitions convey the context of the environment that influences the expression of color in this series.   The combination of fashion culture with the daily lives of her family In the atmosphere of the field Brings the audience to remember the memories filled with fun in childhood. The colorful colors of clothes and utensils that were used to be brought back to convey with the specific techniques that artists have cultivated since childhood. A journey back home to look for and revisit the origin and development that is the weaving of memories and work experiences that have accumulated since the past and present, reflecting the happiness, colorful attachment.



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