An International Photography Exhibition : The Dynamic of the Still Photograph For Quality of Life

Date : 02 June 2020 - 04 June 2020
Location: Hall 1st floor
By Network of Deans and Heads in Communication Arts and Mass Media

The concept of the still photograph is a communication way that stops any rhythm  movement, in order to create communication meaning which planning of various objectives. The audiences naturally knows that each still image in front of them, has power of dynamics inherited from stillness. We can see and fell that a still photograph is not still, but has a tremendous amount of power to encourage the experience of viewers to participate in the interpretation that may stimulate the development of quality of their life. From the first step of a baby to the final step of a finishing line of an athletes. Every movement has the power of communication to move forward with its goal. Therefore , the Communication Arts Network presents the rhythm of movement through photography those according to the natural way of people’s stories. To encourage people to improve their quality of life in various dimensions.



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