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The 9th White Elephant Art Award Exhibition “The Land of Smiles”

Date : 19 May 2020 - 20 September 2020
Location: Main Gallery on 7th floor
By Thai Beverage Public Company Limited and Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Exhibition period is extended to 20th September 2020

The 9th White Elephant Art Award Exhibition themed “The Land of Smiles” will bring together realistic and figurative art pieces to celebrate Thailand’s tranquillity and natural wealth, as well as the good spirit, kindness, and generosity of Thai people. Throughout the history of Thailand, the country’s independence has been safely guarded for future generations by a long line of Thai ancestors. Guided by positivity, Thai people lead a simple, peaceful, and friendly life, as reflected in the radiant sincere smiles on their faces. The exhibition comprises paintings, sculptures, prints, and mixed media of all techniques and materials to showcases these unique characteristics of Thailand.
For more information, please call +66 2422 2092 (except on Monday)
Facebook: ศิลปกรรมช้างเผือก



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