Sak E-SAN: The Spirit of Tattoo

Date : 05 March 2020 - 30 April 2020
Location: People's Gallery (P1-3)
By Charnpichit Pongtongsumran (BO)


The spirit of 'Sug-Kalai', the art that appears on our earth, Thailand.
At the beginning, some people informed me about the ones who have got this kind of art on their bodies that all of them had died, nobody still be alive.
That is the reason why, I would like to find out if this speech is true by spending more than 5 years long on approving this.

I started heading out to 8 faraway areas all around Thailand to realize that these old men age between 85 to 109 are like the representatives of the last generation who process wonderful tattoos underneath the clothes, nevertheless, some of them had already passed away.

This exhibition is showing the gratitude for all these old men.



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