Date : 03 October - 27 October 2019
Location: People’s Gallery 2nd floor, P3
By Arnont Lertpullpol

Since people were young, they have understood the right doing and wrong doing according to social bases, education, treats, and environments. Those people can change by growing up and adjusting their attitudes towards their societies, and then gain new experiences from the adaptations. The basis of the right doing and wrong doing that they understood when they were young could not be compared to current events. Right doing and wrong doing are criteria created by people in the forms of rules, traditions, values, laws and regulations for the classes of people. Hence, we usually hear words such as injustice, double standards and prisons for poor people.

I created my painting with the above inspirations in order to present the context or situation that stimulate right doing and wrong doing in terms of laws and ethics and to compare the imperfection of virtues and painting because both things have bases that are changed socially and periodically.



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