Date : 26 April - 27 April 2019
Location: Meeting room 501,5th floor
BY Leica Camera Thailand
18.00 hrs.-19.00 hrs.

Craig Semetko is an American photographer focusing on capturing the authentic human experience. He became a professional comedy writer and performer after college and years later discovered photography as another means of storytelling. His comedic background has given him a highly developed sense of the absurd and ironic, resulting in a strong theme of humour throughout his work. 

In his foreword for Semetko’s book “UNPOSED,” Magnum Photos photographer Elliott Erwitt writes, "In my book he is the essential photographer. That is, the one who sees what others could not have seen.”

After his exhibition “STILL UNPOSED” at Leica Gallery Bangkok in August 2018, Semetko has finally joined Leica Akademie Thailand for a special talk and workshop. 

Can you cultivate luck in your photography? Did you ever wonder why certain photographers seem to be more lucky than others?

The talk provides the ideal opportunity to hear stories behind Semetko’s images and understand his approach to “getting lucky.”   A true master at capturing the offbeat and unusual moments found in everyday life, Semetko has been called a “connoisseur of the spontaneous moment.” 

His talent for capturing real unposed moments is only matched by his willingness to share his creative approach, making him a favorite among participants everywhere.

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