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Endless War exhibition

Date : 01 January 2019 - 20 January 2019
Location: studio, 4th floor
Artlist: Chumpol Kamwanna and Prasart Nirundornprasert
Opening: Sunday 6 th January 2019 at 17.00 - 21.00 hrs.

WAR exhibition 
Artlist: Prasart Nirundornprasert

Peace exists in this world before humans arise. Man never realizes peace. Until there was a war Peace no longer exists This world is still full of war. All for power and resource occupation Peace is just an excuse. As the superpowers have intervened to overthrow the cause By claiming peace

That is clearly the case of the civil war in Syria Prolonged for more than 7 years Or conflict in Palestine Modern War I-Tech has no wounded soldiers. Most casualties were innocent people. Women, old people and children. Death. Pain received. Continuous impacts Homeland Even children and survivors They have lost their homes or lost their parents, relatives May even lose the organ as a disabled person forever Even after claiming to be peace, how can those children grow? With peace that must be exchanged for the great loss of life

From news images that are seen and acknowledged in general I feel pain Severe melancholy Therefore realizing that he should do something as a painter The only thing that can be done is drawing. I started drawing lines of children affected by the war. On the notebook every day before going to bed for several months To record the lamentation of wailing Tears The eyes of suffering Including death And have painted a number of oil paintings too.

My works can not help those children who dead in civil war at all,But at least I, as a human being, I have tried to communicate to human beings the story that happened to this planet with art.

OK THAILAND exhibition
Artlist: Chumpol Kamwanna

Hi How are you?
You Her we he and me are ok?
Family’s dad, mom and children are ok?
Uncle, aunt, grandpa, grandma are ok?
Friends brother sister are ok?

Pupil student teacher are you ok?
Pilgrim yogi nun monk are you ok?
Intellectual mass media NGO are you ok?
Police Soldier officer nurse doctor are you ok?
Working hard life bear oppression Omar’s you’re ok?
Education system now are you alright?
Social health care like this are you ok?
Food air society environment are you alright?
Information news academy knowledge are you ok?
Law lawless injustice are you alright?
Yesterday, today or tomorrow Are you ok?
To learn live and bear to fight are you alright?
Born age sick and die are you ok?
You, her, we, him and me are ok?

In this town - in this city - in this country - are you alright?



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