Imaginary Land Exhibition

Date : 05 January 2019 - 27 January 2019
Location: People’s Gallery, 2nd floor.
By Tawan Wichyabhakdi
Opening: Saturday 5 January 2019, 18.00 hrs at People's Gallery, 2nd floor. 

I am interested in Thai beliefs of an ideal past which involved an extraordinary imagination of heaven, hell, and the legendary Himmapan forest, where all gods, demons, magical animals, brutes and non-humans lived together in the different landscapes. This imagination reflects the Thai beliefs and ideas about ‘Trailokya’, which translates to ‘three worlds’. Trailokya evokes my thoughts and dreams about an imaginary land where all living things and different creatures live together: beautiful, harmonious, contradictory, unusual, and mysterious creatures. This ideal world inspired and led me to create my art work by arranging and mixing different kinds of shapes together, both from living and non-living things, in order to express the symbolic meaning between the ideals of Trailokya and the present world through my personal attitude. Focusing on the beauty and aesthetics of mixing various shapes is the aim of my work.



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