Culture breaking barriers: demining min[e]ds

Date : 25 November - 09 December 2018
Location: Curved Wall, 3rd floor
Presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Royal Thai Embassy in Maputo

“Culture breaking barriers: demining min[e]ds” marks the first debut of the famous Mozambican artist GonçaloMabunda not only in Thailand, but also in Southeast Asia.He came with his team to work on each piece in Thailand, creating the artworks from his usual elements – military equipment and other tools. Mabunda’s works in this exhibition are made with local materials. Bits and pieces of mines inthe art pieces are also those demined from the region by Thai Government as part of peacekeeping missions of Thailand.It is through art that the public can appreciate the transformation of violence into something beautiful while reflect – with critical eyes and analyzing minds – on their lasting impact on people’s land and life. 

Name of Project Manager 
Mr. Chinawut



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