‘The Wild-Mindset’ Solo Art Exhibition

Date : 03 October - 28 October 2018
Location: People’s Gallery 2 floor
By: Kannika Jansuwan
Opening reception: 3 October 2018 at 18.00 hrs.

The Art Exhibition ' The Wild- Mindset' represent how the artist learns to live in this jungle and her mind by looking back to see the big picture of the life trying to connect every piece of the puzzle and try not getting stuck in some ego.  She believes that eventually, everything connects that is means to be alive while we’re all part on this ’wild’ in different purpose that is the key to quality per se and when you connect with that love and passion that when everything unfolds. For the artist, this oil painting exhibition is the  64 pieces of several sizes that can connect like puzzle pieces is the missive to showing  us



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