Date : 31 August - 30 September 2018
Location: People’s Gallery 2 floor
By Kameelah I-lala, NordianaBeehing, Nurulfirdaos Ding.
Opening Ceremony on Sunday 2 September, 2018 from 17.00 hrs

A subconscious state that artists expressed the way of life of people in the three southern border province had shown the importance of people in society. This included the dwelling as well as liberty rights of local people and perfection in couple life. The three artists desired to show their work as a representative of the local people by expressing their work in both the two-dimensional painting and mixed media art. There are material differences between them. However, both can link to each other through the feeling to record the story and memories of the artists, and to convey to those who are interested, so they can recognize the expression through visual language which has created by the artists.



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