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​​​​​​​The exhibition “In the Kingdom, 140th Anniversary of B.Grimm”

Date : 09 June 2018 - 20 June 2018
Location: Curved Walls 7-8th floor
Curator: Somsuda Piamsumrit

The exhibition “In the Kingdom, 140th Anniversary of B.Grimm” is a special collaboration project between Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) and B.Grimm, which aims to raise fund for BACC’s activities. This project is initiated by B.Grimm to celebrate its 140th anniversary by supporting the art scene in Thailand. The exhibition curated by Somsuda Piamsumrit consisting of 2 sections, includes;

- Postal history exhibition which narrates B.Grimm’s history along with the history of diplomatic relations between Thailand and Germany through the empirical evidence such as correspondence letters, postcard and postal stationeries in collection of B.Grimm. 

- Contemporary Art Exhibition interpreted and inspired by the corporate philosophy of B.Grimm. Our Curator curated the exhibition of the art pieces from leading 15 contemporary artists including TawatchaiPuntusawasdi, WantaneeSiripattananuntakul, Kata Sangkhae, KritNgamsom, ImhathaiSuwatthanasilp, PannaphanYodmani, DusadeeHuntrakul, JedsadaTangtrakulwong, ChusakSrikwan, SurajateTongchua, ThakolKhaosa-ad, Anon Pairot, ThitiphornKotham, TitiratSkultantimayta and guest artist, PinareeSanpitak.  

For information about postal history, please click here
For contemporary art exhibition booklet, please click here

All the profits from selling the art pieces in the exhibition shall be donated to support the operation of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre




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