Lunatic's Exhibition

Date : 01 February 2018 - 25 February 2018
By Lunatics gang
Peopples gallery P1-P2

No rain in the rainy season No simmering sun in the summer No lingering taste in the bitten fruit Lemons turn sweet while papayas turn bitter Humans give birth to dogs and papayas to monkeys. Do they feed on their melancholic mother’s milk or is it me who is fragile in nature? For I am weak and dependent that I give thanks to my messiah, bestowing upon me the knowing of myself. Through certain abstractions, or to some it is premonitions that propels life and its sentiments. It is merely a state born of a disposition, one that is untamable. Once what could be described as emotions now manifest as thoughts and actions, growing through our complicated rationalities, ever present in humans.




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