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Common Exercises: Isan Contemporary Report (Change of date)

Date : 26 January 2018 - 25 March 2018
Location: Main gallery, 8th Floor
Opening Reception: 25th January 2018 at Main Gallery, 9th floor
Organized by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
BACC Main Sponsor by Thai Beverage Public Company Limited


Common Exercises: Isan Contemporary Report presents exciting findings on different phenomenon found in contemporary Isan scene. The report highlights a dynamic growth and self-determination of the Isan people towards common norms and values from human-being, democracy, human right and cosmopolitan perspective. Focused on report-and-case-study art, Isan Contemporary explores Isan’s current phenomenon through photographs, videos, installations, sound installations, video installations and interactive art works. Created by 12 artists and photographers from Isan region, the exhibition gives audience a chance to review how Isan people and the region itself  embraces challenges and changes for growth. What phenomenon leads to multiple collaborative movements and shape how Isan people construct their mindset, good practices, expectations and ideal concepts.
Artists: ChokchaiTukpoe, ThawornKwamsawat, SongwitPimpakun, BoonnamSasood, Paisarn Am-pim in collaboration with Thitiya Lao-an, PattarapongSripanya, MaitreeSiriboon, RoengritKongmuang, WorawitKaewsrinoum, SompopBudtarad, AdisakPhupa and Realframe
Curators: Narongsak Nilkhet and Autchara Nualsawad
Content Researcher and Developer: Nattanan Kitipornpisan
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