Date : 03 November 2017 - 26 November 2017
Location: People’s Gallery 2 floor
By Mantana Apidet and Sarun Cheurkrung
People’s Gallery P1-P2
Opening Reception 11 Nov. 2017 
Time : 19.00hrs.

The exhibition indicated how the two young artists worked in the totally different styles, but similar viewpoints of the world. People in the Y-Generation were brought up with the new high technology. The rapidly recognizing the news has affected on the opinion about the world. When the attitudes were changed, the artists were simulated to create by picking up the surrounding information. Such as  Movies, Magazines and Pictures from the internet. They used these things through the inside attitudes to create the specific Y-Generation Arts. As Paintings, Illustrations and Videos. Seem they represent themselves as the produce of Y-Generation crowd.



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