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'EARTH- WATER- FOREST- AIR' The Royal Inspiration

Date : 09 August 2017 - 12 November 2017
Location: Main Gallery, 7th floor

Organised by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)

Guest Curators:
Chatvichai Promadhattavedi
Amarit Chusuwan
Apisak Sonjod
List of works
Amarit Chusuwan, Boonkwang Noncharoen, Chokchai Tukpoe, Inson Wongsam, Jadet Tongfueng, Ketsakda Wimolsong, Krongsak Chulamorkodt, Noraset Vaisayakui, Panu Udompethaikool, Phansakdi Chakkaphak, Prasart Nirundornprasert, Prasit Wichaya, Ronnaphob Techawong, Ruangsak Anuwatwimon, Siridech Manim, Thawatchai Homthong, Vasan Sitthiket, Wijit Apichatkriengkrai, Witaya Junma, Worawit Kaewsrinoum, Yanawit Kunchaethong
Local Citizens
Prayoung Ronnarong, Sateean Jaikam, Somkid Charanadhammo, Buddhist Monk
Piengpor Supamart, Prawit Mongkolnowrut, Cherdsak Moeykanmak
Charnpichit Pongtongsumran, Praditchya Singharaj
Product Designer
Singh Intrachooto and Scrap Lab Team, Kasetsart University
Land Art : The Chronicle of the Land  
Amarit Chusuwan/ Kamol Tassananchalee/ Noppadon Viroonchatapun/
Pairoj Wangbon/ Panya Vijinthanasarn/ Sakarin Krue-Oon
Suriya Namwong/ Tawee Ratchaneekorn/ Thongchai Srisukprasert
Performance Art and Installation
Jittima Pholsawek / Chakkrit Chimnok/ Pattree Chimnok/ Satit Raksasri
Vichukorn Tangpaiboon/ Wichai Juntavaro
Community Text
Narumon Arunotai, Weeraphan Shinawatra
Smart Cities-Clean Energy Project 
Energy Policy and Planning office, Ministy of Energyand Thai Green
Building Institute.
The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is organising an exhibition 'EARTH- WATER- FOREST- AIR', between  August-November 2017, as part of its year longprogramme to commemorate the passing of the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the Kingdom of Thailand's ninth king. In particular, this exhibition will focus on his legacy concerning the realm's sustainability practice and environmental concern in view of the livelihood of the people of Thailand in all diversity.
The content of the exhibition will be presented by the works of artists, photographers, designers, architects, making up the creative practitioners who are responsible from conveying influential social messages, to those making contributions to the design and building programmes. Their works reflect the fact that the sustainability issue is not just confined to the physical and scientific world, but has as much to do with the social awareness, perception and cultural understanding.
It's hoped that the sustainability legacy of King Bhumibol Adulyadej will provide inspiration for the young generation and serve as a rallying point for all who are committed to the cause of environmental sustainability.

Note : Please deposit your bagslarger than A4 size paper at the information counter on the 5th floor.



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